Haunted Video Games!?

Posted on Saturday, September 18th, 2010 and filed under Fun Stuff.

Recent forum browsing has had me stumble upon 2 haunted video game stories. One is of a haunted Pokemon Rom that gives you the option to pick a beginning Pokemon named Ghost that actually kills Pokemon when he fights them, but that all comes at a cost.  1

And recently a haunted copy of Majora’s Mask has been stumbled upon and is now tormenting a horrified blogger. 2 The story is very descriptive and is quite a read but well worth it. And at the bottom he includes youtube videos that you can watch while you read. The story is captivating, and I’m waiting to see if he updates and continues forth with it.

Are these stories the beginning to a new horror genre? Or have ghosts began to infiltrate our games and glitch them to the point that it’ll scare the pants off even the most seasoned of horror gamers? Either way, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more accounts of these haunted games, in hopes of even stumbling upon one myself.


  1. Haunted Pokémon Game Reveals How Evil You Really Are  
  2. Creepy + Pasta: Mask of Majora  

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  1. Bippy
    Date: March 4th, 2012
    Time: 5:39 pm

    There’s an online scary game i played, forgot what it’s called but i think it’s something like Stone Of Anamara. Apparently it was haunted, coz the dude who made it died soon after while making the sequel, and if you completed the game then you’d die too. Luckily (?) i mucked up and never completed it, but I like to wonder whether it could actually kill you or not =)

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